If you are connected with the Tualatin community and share our passion for our youth, you are piece in the puzzle we are looking for. The skills you represent in your work, your volunteer work, your special interests, your past all make you an important part of our real discussions and decisions within the Tualatin community.

Tualatin Together Community Coalition is a grassroots community formal arrangement for collaboration among groups and sectors of the community working together toward the common goal of a safe, healthy and drug-free community. We encourage you to join and become part of the difference we are making in Tualatin.

If you would like to become a coalition member. Please fill out THIS FORM.

Our coalition has the following sectors and we would love for you to join and help present yours:

If you are a youth in Tualatin and have a passion for standing up for the right thing and like to help plan, organize and participate in community events we welcome you to joining our youth coalition and start helping us make a safer, healthier Tualatin.

Join a growing number of Tualatin High School students willing to Stand Up and say no to drugs and alcohol. These students work toward peer to peer education, as they learn to be leaders themselves. Participants also have the opportunity to participate in community events, be mentors to younger students, and participate the national campaigns and training. Middle school students wishing to become leaders in their community and role models to their peers and invited to join ___________ at Hazelbrook middle school. This program was established to involve middle schoolers and the positive changes we are making in the city of Tualatin and give them an opportunity to exercise their leadership skills, be mentors to younger community members and to organize school and community events.